Template:InfoboxMinor Offences: Edit

1st: Warning, 2nd: One Week Ban, 3rd: Two Week Ban, 4th: Permanent Ban Edit

Trolling (of any kind)

User Harassment/Abuse (of any kind)

Report System Abuse

Disclosing Personal Info

Moderate Offences: Edit

1st: Three Day Ban, 2nd: One Week Ban, 3rd: Two Week Ban, 4th: Permanent Ban Edit


Major Offences: Edit

1st: Two Week Ban, 2nd: One Month Ban, 3rd: Permanent Ban Edit

DDoS threats

Trans-hotel Trading



General Rules: Edit

As a general rule you are expected to be respectful towards other peoples views, religion, race, and gender. Any form of "trolling" will be counted as user harassment after warnings described above.

Terms of Service: Edit

By registering with our system, and playing our hotel you agree to the following Terms of Service. We hereby reserve the right to change or alter the following to which we find suitable for the players at any given time.

Base Terms: Edit

By registering with our system, you understand that we are not Habbo Hotel and you will not use the same details to your account as you would on Habbo Hotel. Furthermore, you understand that once you register on Fatal Hotel we own rights to your account in any given case and have authority to reproduce and distribute information as we see fit. If you are an employee or have any claim to Sulake Corporation OY or Elisa OYJ, you have been denied permission to register or login to our systems, doing so will be a violation of our terms and will be subject to legal action.

Purchasable Items and VIP: Edit

All items which are purchased through our payment system are non-refundable along with non-transferable. However, when purchasing with Fatal Hotel it is a guarantee that you will get the item in which you paid for.

Users Information: Edit

We keep a record of all user activity associated with Fatal Hotel. We are entitled to provide and prove information to law enforcement in such a way which will reveal your identity if ever needed. This includes all items purchased through PayPal and other sources of payment.

Privacy Policy: Edit

We will keep our promise as long as it does not violate international law. Our hard drives are encrypted *(AES 256bit) and is backed up daily to keep our users safe from unwanted attempts of account violation and viruses.

Fraudulent Payments: Edit

If we are suspicious that your account is linked to a fraudulent payment or an account which has committed said fraudulent payment; we have permission to release the information to higher authority such as PayPal and other sources of payment methods. By creating an account with Fatal Hotel you grant us permission to publish and recreate the information you have provided.We are also entitled to permanently banning your account from our website disregarding whether or not you have made payments with us.

No-Item Returns: Edit

Due to large volume of scams and hacking we will not be returning items that were taken from your account. Account security is your responsibility. However, to prevent scams we have selected trusted dealers, these people have a record of not scamming people no matter how huge the bet is, please understand that we will ban people who scam on the spot.