The Team Edit

  • His
  • Alexanderr
  • KaifC

Quotes from the Event Coord Team! Edit

"ECT, *Sighs*. We've had so many people come and go... And it's only been a month or so. But I learnt a lot about the people who go. The team is a family. Can't let anyone forget that. They're all my babies, and I take care of them all"- His

"Mkay... Well bitches, here's the truth about Event Coord... It's honestly one of the most fun things I've experienced on this game... It's fun to see people attend our parties, and play our quests... As His said, the Event Coord Team is a family, and I love each and everyone of these guys!"- Alexanderr

"Event Coord isn't as boring as you think! We are the people which annoy you to death and have a nice play around and joke with you! We are all here to have fun and to help!!!!" - KaifC