Rules Edit

- Record all bets via a recording program such as Hypercam (you will be required to show valid proof of scams)

- Always ensure the user has the items they are betting 

- Check the username of the user you are paying to prevent being door scammed 

- Call upon a Mod or a Trusted Dealer to hold bets if you are ever in doubt

Poker: Edit

Basics: Roll all dice and look for multiples or straights as outlined below. 

Things To Remember: If two players have the same category of roll (low straight, 2 pair, 4 of a kind, etc.) it goes to the HIGHEST number or pair, for example if User1 rolls 5, 5, 2, 2, 1 and User2 rolls 6, 6, 1, 1, 3, User2 would win because they have 6 high.

Potential Rolls In Order of Lowest to Highest:

- Nothing - no matching dice, no sequence forming a straight

- 1 Pair (2 of a Kind) - 2 of one number and 3 random numbered dice

- 2 Pair - 2 sets of 2 matching dice and 1 random numbered dice

- 3 of a Kind (Trips) - 3 of one number and 2 random numbered dice

- Low Straight - sequence of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (doesn’t have to appear in order on the dice)

- Full House - 2 of one number and 3 of another number

- High Straight - sequence of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (doesn’t have to appear in order on the dice)

- 4 of a Kind (Quads) - 4 of one number and 1 random numbered dice

- 5 of a Kind - all 5 dice in the same number

6/13/21 Edit

Basics: The object of this game is to get or be the closest to ‘6’, ‘13’, or ‘21’ depending on which one you agree to play, without going over. As soon as you go over the number, you bust = automatically lose. 

Things To Remember: If you and the other user betting come to the same number and there is ANY possibility of busting, it is a redo, for example if you were playing 21 and you each roll a few dice that add up to 18, since there is a chance you could bust (if the number 4, 5, or 6 is rolled next), you both close your dice and redo. 

For the games 13 and 21, if you have rolled all 5 of your dice and still haven’t reached the number without going over, you can choose a dice to re-roll and add that number on to the sum of the first 5. Please be sure to keep track out loud of the number you are at to avoid any confusion on your or your opponent’s behalf. 

Tri High/Tri Low: Edit

Basics: The object of this game is simple; roll your dice in the triangle formation (middle dice of the top row and the 2 bottom dice) and get either the highest sum (you add all 3 dice together) or the lowest sum depending on which game was selected. 

Things To Remember: If you and the user you are betting tie for the highest or lowest sum, simply redo it until you have a winner. 

Polar: Edit

Polar is a similar game type to tri high and tri low. The objective of polar is to roll the highest or lowest number possible. Before you play, you and the opposing user decide on the type of polar, Polar high or Polar low. Polar High’s objective is to get the highest number possible on ONE dice, for example 6 is the highest you can get. Polar Low’s objective is to get the lowest number possible on ONE dice as well. For example one. If you both land on the same number you just redo, but cannot change from high. Example: If you both roll a 5 on polar high, you cannot redo on polar low. Only one dice can be rolled, and it does not matter what dice is rolled.